XMTD-8000 Intelligent Temperature Regulator

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General description :

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8000 series intelligent(temperature) display regulator adopts large-scale integrated circuit. It has following features: high accuracy, strong seismic performance, high reliability, convenient installation, clear reading, no parallax, long-distance observation and so on. The product is widely used in many industries, such as: chemical industry, light industry, textile, metallurgy, clothing, heat treatment, fermentation, sugar, rubber vulcanization and so on, and it can measure the temperature at the range of -100xFF~+1600xFF and automatically control.


Product specification:

Input signalK,E,J,S,B type thermocouple, Pt100, Cu50 type thermal resistance, standard voltage, resistance, current 0-10ma 4-20ma linear signal
Accuracy±1%FS+1 digit or ±0.5%FS+1 digit
Adjustment typesON/OFF Two switches type, Intermittent PID, continuous PID
Control outputRelay contact、triggers the SSR voltage signal, output DC4-20mA current, Single – bidirectional thyristor zero-crossing trigger pulse 、single – phase two-way thyristor phase – shift trigger pulse
Alarm outputRelay contact
Working power supplyAC220V±10% (50/60Hz)


Size options:


External size (W x H x D)

Hole size

XMTG-8 □□□

48 x 48 x 110 (mm)

45 x 45 (mm)

XMTE-8 □□□

48 x 96 x 110 (mm)

45 x 92 (mm)

XMTD-8 □□□

72 x 72 x 110 (mm)

68 x 68 (mm)

XMTA-8 □□□

96 x 96 x 110 (mm)

92 x 92 (mm)

XMT-8 □□□

80 x 160 x 80 (mm)

76 x 152 (mm)

Remarks:  the symbol ”□” represents what functions you need, please refer to the following explanation.


Model explanation:

XMT□-8 □ □ □

           ①     ②  ③  ④  

① Dimensions:  A:96×96   D:72×72   E:48×96   G:48×48

② Adjustments type:  

0: two switches type  2: three switches type  

4: Output electric shock continuous PID  5: Output trigger SSR Intermittent PID 

6: Single phase phase shift continuous PID

7: Single phase zero – crossing triggering SCR intermittent PID

8: Three phase zero-crossing triggering SCR intermittent PID    

9: Continuous PID adjustment(4-20mA)

③ Alarm types:  0: no alarm   1: upper absolute value alarm

2: lower absolute value alarm

3: upper and lower absolute value alarm

④  Distribution sensor type:

1: thermocouple      2: thermal resistance     3: standard current  

4: resistance signal    5: current 0-10mA       6: current 4-20mA

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